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Bowed Wall Repair

Bowed basement walls can be signs of severe foundation. They are also referred to as buckling walls. If you notice that your foundation wall is leaning in in you should contact a professional foundation repair service immediately. Contractors often use a resistance based beam to repair the foundation.

If the foundation wall is left alone it may lead to the collapse of your house and such instances of bowed walls need to be tended immediately.

Foundation Piering

One of the biggest offenders when it comes to foundation damage is the soil beneath and around the foundation. Over time the soil becomes unstable and destabilizes the foundation. Foundations can easily be repaired through foundation piering.

Piering involves placing push piers and helical piers to stabilize the base of the foundation and reverse the damage done to the foundation. Push piers are shaft like structures that need to be hydraulically pushed into the ground past the soil until they reach the bedrock.

Foundation Leveling

If you notice that your home’s foundation is sinking due to uneven soil or is getting displaced from its original position you need to immediately contact a foundation repair company to cater to your needs. Severe structural damage can be caused due to various plumbing leaks, poor soil condition or drainage problems.

In some cases it might also be caused due to the roots of neighboring trees pushing into your foundation. Foundation leveling can restore your home to its original state.

Foundation Sinking

Foundation sinking can be a serious foundation defect. While it may not be a common issue for new homes, it can develop over years and displace the foundation of your house. It is one of the oldest issues that homeowners have had to deal with through the years.

Several repair methods can be used to repair foundation sinking but one of the most effective methods is the use of helical piers.

Basement Wall Bracing

Basement walls can be severely damaged to due drainage leaks, improper soil management at the time of construction and other environmental conditions. If you notice any kind of cracks or noticeable damage you should get in touch with a professional contractor immediately.

Contractors will often be able to reverse the effect of nature. This is often done by using a bracket that allows the foundation walls to stabilize themselves. Anchors are used to support the brackets and keep the basement wall in place with the foundation wall.

Foundation Settlement

Your foundation settlement may be damaged and might not even be able to realise it if you do not get your foundation checked by a professional on a periodic basis. The foundation settlement may be damaged due to problems in the underlying soil.

If a foundation repair engineer finds out that your foundation settlement needs repairs due to damage from shrinking or soggy soil, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. One of the most commonly used methods for repairing the foundation settlement is foundation underpinning.

Basement Waterproofing Services

Sump Pumps

If you select sump pump as the alternative to extract the water from the basement of the house then there are basically two standard types of the same. One is a water powered one and the other one is the electric powered one. But if you go for the water powered one then you need to know that this particular sump pump is pressured by the water.

French Drains

Draining system can help in achieving the idea of acquiring a basement that is free from water and the foundation of the house intact. These drains have been popular among the people for many years and are one of the simple methods of drainage.

Such drains are normally made sloping downwards and are filled with gravel and which is turn prevents any kind of erosion. It means there are lesser chances that the water will be stagnant and will get collected in one single area. There are various types and systems of French Drains available and has simple mechanism.

Window Wells

Window wells can be mostly seen in the basement area which is exclusively made for the purpose of light to come inside and thus making the area less dingy in the process. But it is often seen that the window wells are poorly designed for the purpose of drainage and looks unattractive at the same time.

To keep the potential dirt away and let the good amount of light come in it is important that the semi-circular wells are excavated in a better way and are installed.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space is that area that acquires lot of moisture and that in turn affects the foundation of the house. There is a service known as Crawl space encapsulation which means that the moisture in the crawl space is taken in. The houses are normally built in a support beams and most of the times there is some amount of gap that is left in the lower floor.

This space that is open is known as the crawl space and crawl space encapsulation means that you defend the foundation of the house by getting rid of the moisture.

Concrete Repair Services

Basement Crack Repair

This is one of the most important repairs that is needed to be done and especially when you find out certain kinds of cracks in the wall of the basement. This is especially important if you stay in an area where there is benonite soil or clay.

These soils most of the time press in that certain area and produce certain kinds of cracks that produce larger amount of damage than the natural calamities such as earthquakes even floods. Even the groundwater too produces much problem and that in turn damages the walls of the basement.

Mud Jacking

Mud Jacking is an added way of slabjacking and it is done by putting pressure on the grout by lifting the sunken concrete slab. There is not much difference between Mud Jacking and slabjacking and both of them are various kinds of concrete leveling available. This process in other words is also known as pressure grouting.

Slab Jacking

It is a kind of concrete leveling that is done to level the concrete of an area or surface that at some point of time has become uneven due to the wear and tear that goes along. In the normal circumstances people would think that they will need new installation but putting new concrete poured and that costs much.

But when we talk about slabjacking keep in mind that it means leveling the uneven surface and that too a much lower cost. It is done in all the places from the homes to various offices, factories, warehouses, highways, airports and many more.


Leak in the various concrete section of the house is a grave problem and that will turn in to terrible danger and loss on the part of the individual living in that house. This normally happens with the water pipes that go through the walls which is normally the drinking water. To repair this problem the need of tuckpointing is important.

Ceiling Cracks

This is a problem that is mainly seen with the house that has grown old with time. The people living the house are the worst sufferers in such a case. This problem might happen for various reason such as a bad work that was down while making the house or the wear and tear which is a common problem.

Another thing that may owe its allegiance to such a problem is any kinds of installation that is carried one win the ceiling of the house. If at any point of time you find out that the ceiling of your house is leaking then you should consult the service provider immediately.

Street Creep

This is a foundation problem that tends to occur by the expansion of the thermal contraction in the concrete streets and along the surrounding pavements of the home where you stay. The concrete like any other materials tend to expand in hot and cold weather. Street creeps is down to lower down the expansion and in turn make sure that the concrete is right at place causing no further problem to the foundation of the whole house.

Sinking Porch Repair

Porch is one of the important things that is there in the house and it helps in enhancing the look of the whole house. If experts are to be believed then there are various reasons that the porch of house sinks. Conditions such as soil erosion and the bad grade is a reason behind the same.

The condition of the porch will tell you whether you will need a replacement or a repair. If there are solid cracks and sinking then it is high time that the whole porch is to be broken and a new one is needed to be made. But if there is a slight sink in the same then wasting large amount of money to change it is not needed at all.

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